Sabbatical report, weeks 7 & 8 (plus a little of 9)

I do not have much to report, unless I were to describe the daily sweat of chasing down and polishing everything.

In the heavy lifting department all the Ryan Museum specimens are plotted on the globes of Google Earth and The Layered Earth.  I have started better location resolution of the specimens using a variety of other data sources to pin down locations more precisely.   United State Geological Survey maps are readily available in KML format for all states and CONUS.  Data proofing audits are started.  Interface development is underway and data entry and edit programs are being refined.

Still to go are the guestbook, locations of specimens in the Museum, specimen images, and external links to more information, such as

Whew, do I have enough to do?   Yes, but what a rewarding project.  I expect to have some middle school student in the Museum in early April to do some beta-testing of the table

Next update will have some YouTube videos of touch table operations.