Sabbatical Report, week 3

Database work is moving along nicely.  I have huge amounts of data in various formats, but I believe I have now trimmed down and distilled to just two structures that will work for all of the Ryan Museum specimens and the program teaching collections.  Using the data in ArcGIS will not be difficult with these two structures.  Perhaps I am showing naive optimism.

Google Earth Pro is now installed.  Use of GE Pro will make location work considerably more effective for “virtual” ground-truthing of specimen data.

The video below shows the star program of the Ideum touch table, The Layered Earth!  Imagine being able to call up the geographic location and other details about the fossil specimens in the background!  That ability is not available yet, but getting closer, whew.



#1   Peggy on 01.31.14 at 1:30 pm

That sounds fascinating! Looking forward to seeing the touch table in operation.

#2   Subsea Geek on 02.04.14 at 10:50 am

This is exciting. Look forward to the first layering demo with any rock.