Sabbatical Report, Week 1

The project has started; the project proposal is now on its way to becoming reality.

I spent the first week staying busy with assembling and assessing hardware function and capability,  and re-inventorying and refreshing existing datasets.

Hardware:  The touch table is up and running in the Museum.  The ubiquitous duct tape stripes are covering cables while I figure out the table’s  final location and configuration.  If you would like to see the touch table manufacture’s website look here ->

Software:  I evaluated a considerable amount of the software bundled with the touch table.  At this time, I am reviewing the functionality and  adaptability of the software.   I am still not completely clear on how I am going to interface existing data, planetarium software and touch screen software.  Google Earth, Microsoft Planet, The Layered Earth, and some utility packages produced some spectacular results on the touch table.   I looking forward to trying out ArcGIS  and Gestureworks next.  I am most excited about the possibilities that The Layered Earth software offers.

I am also considering operational design.   How will Museum visitors actually work with the table?  What sort of challenges will they face?  What will be the best balance of operational ease and functionality?

More next week from DeepGeekSpace!