Cybersecurity Tip #3 – Safety Tips for Mobile Devices

We are now well into Cybersecurity Awareness Month and hope some of the tips we’ve shared have been helpful. This week’s topic is how to stay safe while using your mobile device.

Today’s mobile devices — including smartphones, laptops, and tablets — are as powerful and connected as any personal computer. Remember to take the same precautions on your mobile devices as you would on your computer and STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

STOP. make sure security measures are in place.
THINK. about the consequences of your actions and behaviors online.
CONNECT. and enjoy your devices with more peace of mind.

–Always use a strong password to lock your device. If your device supports encryption, be sure to enable it.
–Enable remote wiping of your device. If it is lost or stolen, you should immediately wipe the device to secure your data.
–Think before you app: review the permissions that applications request and think twice about installing the app if it needs access to all your information.
–Connect with care. Use caution when connecting to wifi hotspots.

For additional tips on protecting yourself while using your mobile device, check out this flyer from the National Cyber Security Alliance ( Safety Tips for Mobile Devices

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