Updates and Improvements to Phone and Voicemail Services

As shared at the August 17th All-Campus Meeting, Computing Services has begun the process of phasing out individual Personal Access Codes (“PACs”) for faculty and staff for long-distance calling. Instead of assigning individual PACs to each employee, each department has been assigned a 6-digit access code that is to be used by all employees of that respective department for work-related long-distance calling. Computing Services will begin deleting individual PACs on November 1st in order to give users time to receive the departmental PACs and ensure everything is working properly. While use of this new long-distance access code will work in exactly the same way as the current PACs, moving away from individual codes will assist with streamlining the budget and billing process for the departments, as well as saving 40-60 hours of staff work time per month.

In addition, current voicemail services have been modified to provide Voicemail-to-Email service to new on-campus faculty and staff by default. This service delivers voicemail messages directly to a faculty or staff member’s Adams email inbox as an audio file attachment, allowing the employee to listen to their voice messages on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This service also permits forwarding or archiving of these voicemail messages just like a typical email message.

If you still receive voicemails directly on your office phone, we encourage you to submit a work ticket to Computing Services to take advantage of the Voicemail-to-Email service. To do so, access the workorder system here: https://www.adams.edu/administration/computing/request_forms.php

Under the “Phone Services” menu, select “Voicemail” and submit your ticket, being sure to include both your office phone extension and ASU email address. Toward the end of the fall semester, Computing Services will begin working with anyone who has not yet made the transition so that we can deprecate the old method around the holiday break.

In the coming months, we look forward to sharing ideas and possible options to address your department’s telecommunication needs. If you have questions, please contact Computing Services at extension 7741 or via e-mail at computingservices@adams.edu.

Computing Services