CS Maintenance for tonight, January 5, 2017 and Banner PROD Downtime/Maintenance Saturday

Beginning at 9:00 PM, Employee, lab and TEC Classroom PCs will receive critical security updates to Windows, iTunes, Chrome and Firefox. Employee MAC computers will receive updates to the Operating System, Office, Firefox, Chrome and Flash. Employees are encouraged to log off but leave their computers on when leaving work for the day. This will assist the installation of these patches and minimize any impact.

Also beginning at 9:00 PM, Computing Services will be installing updates on several back-end systems. Brief reboots will occur, but impact for our customers is expected to be minimal.

***Banner PROD down for Maintenance this Saturday, 1/7/17***

The Production Banner Database will be down for most of Saturday as required AR and Finance updates are installed on the system. During this time, ALL Banner services will be unavailable.

Computing Services thanks you for your patience and understanding as we perform these critical maintenance activities. As always, if you have any questions, please call the ASU Computing Services Helpdesk at 7741 or contact us via email at computingservices@adams.edu

Have a great day, and welcome back!

Computing Services