KnowBe4 Required IT Security Training for Faculty/Staff

Now that National Cyber Security Awareness Month has concluded, Computing Services is excited to kick off our security training for Faculty and Staff!

Cabinet has approved an updated IT Users Responsibility policy. The updated policy includes required IT Security training for any ASU faculty or staff member that has an account through Computing Services. The policy can be found here:

Please watch for email reminders about the training from KnowBe4, our security training vendor. For more on the security training please see our how-to article:

You can also register to take the training at:

Make sure you enroll using your email address.

The training must be completed annually, this year’s deadline is May 20th, 2016. Please be sure to complete the security training prior to May 20th, 2016 to ensure you do not lose access to IT resources, such as email or Banner.

Last summer, Computing Services reported on the impact of Phishing and need for information security training on campus to Cabinet. Cabinet approved using phishing simulation tests to better educate our customers about phishing email attacks and charged Computing Services with making the IT security training mandatory for all individuals that use IT resources.

We have been conducting phishing simulation training since last fall. Over the course of the training we have seen click rate responses drop from 16% to  an average of 6.1%. However, we still have had a number of staff and student accounts compromised recently. In addition, we have had several malware attacks on individual workstations this semester. 127 individual computers have had malware removed by our antivirus solution in the last 6 months. 2 of those computers were infected with malware called CryptoWall, which encrypts files so they are unreadable.

Computing Services actively takes steps to secure campus networks and workstations, but a very crucial step to IT security is training the users of our resources how to identify and avoid attacks.

Remember, you can always check the Stay Safe Online NCSAM website for more information and tips year round!

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