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Computing Services Maintenance Aug 27, 2009

The resnet network registration system may experience a brief outage for a software configuration change.

Campus Internet access may be slowed down as updates are performed on equipment controlling campus Internet access.

Wireless access may experience a short interrruption due to updates on the central wireless controller.

The main file server providing home and shared directories will be restarted due to software updates.

Access to campus Internet servers may be interrupted for a network equipment reconfiguration.

All maintenance occurs after 21:00.

Computing Services Maintenance Week of Aug 17, 2009

There is no scheduled maintenance for the week of Aug 17, 2009.

Computing Services Maintenance week of August 2nd 2009

WebCT will be down from Wednesday 17:00 to Thursday 17:00, moving the system from on campus to an Internet hosting provider.

Resnet is switching to Bradford Campus Manager for network access beginning this week in the Coronado and Conour dorms.  Other dorms will be brought online with the new system in the coming weeks.