Wreford Reaches Students’ Through True Commitment

Lace King
Adams State College

David Wreford, adjunct professor of English, continually captures his students’ hearts and minds throughout his four-year career at Adams State College. Wreford is introduced to approximately 30 incoming freshmen in his introductory English classes each semester. Through his highly regarded, unique teaching methods, Wreford ensures each class of new students works hard and succeeds while still having fun.
Wreford attributes his teaching success to his 28-year-long military career, during which he earned his associates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. His final army assignment—battalion commander for a basic training battalion at Fort Sill, Okla.,—cultivated his interest in and love for teaching. “Working with those wonderful young men and women who were so bravely serving our country inspired me to help young folks every chance I got.” After retiring from the army in 2001, Wreford moved to Alamosa and held various positions for the Alamosa School District. Adams State hired Wreford during the 2006 spring semester.
Wreford’s students and colleagues describe him as funny, laid back, and caring, and they like his empathetic twist on teaching. Rhonda Schoenecker, adjunct professor of English, said she “thinks the world” of Wreford. He is always willing to assist her or offer advice about teaching.
“He was like a mentor, always willing to talk to his students about anything. He made English fun and exciting,” said Jennifer Philips, former student of Wreford.
“Professor Wreford always said, ‘Once you have me as a professor, you will have me as your friend for life,” said sophomore Monique Kauffman. And it’s true, Kaufmann added, “He’s always there for his students. And when he asks you how things are going, for example, he means it. He really cares. He is always, always there for his students.”
Freshman Brittany Whittington, currently enrolled in one of Wreford’s English classes, described Wreford as an “incredibly helpful professor. He wants all of his students to succeed and he always makes our class laugh. You can tell he cares about his class and his job in general.”
Wreford received the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award in May 2010. “I love teaching at Adams State College. I hope to spend the rest of my life teaching, in one way or another.”

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