Adams State Science Saturdays Fun for Both Young and Old

Jesse Medina
The Paw Print

We all know how we get when we are sitting at any variety of science classes where a crazy experiment is conducted. It is like a magic show. Science Saturdays is an event that both young and old can participate in science experiments that are both relevant and fun.
Science Saturdays are held by Dr. Randall Emmons of the Adams State College. Dr. Emmons is professor of physics, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics.
Science Saturdays are workshops that are intended to get people actively engaged in science activities. The true benefit of Science Saturdays is the knowledge gained by participating in the science experiments. In response to the question “how is this different from a science class?” Dr. Emmons keeps the workshops fun and lighthearted. It isn’t intended to be like a class. According to Dr. Emmons, it was important to keep the atmosphere fun and “non-threatening, meaning no assignments or tests.”  Activities at Science Saturdays are varied and touch upon multiple aspects of science. In attending the workshops one could expect to participate in activities ranging from tye-dying t-shirts and creating small robots to trebuchets. Trebuchets are medieval catapults. Unfortunately, these activities have already been done as Science Saturdays are mid-way over. Dr. Emmons says that for the remainder of the Science Saturdays they will be exploring the science behind music, music and electronics, crystals, and yeast.
The workshops are made that much more interesting with the wide variety of ages that attend the workshops. The ages range from 7 to seniors depending on what kind of activity is scheduled for the day. Despite age, participation is encouraged and in most cases required for the activities. Dr. Emmons gives this example, “Frequently, (participation) means sitting on the floor and “playing” or, we have gone outside to see how a small group of children could carry a car across campus.” There are two sessions held on Saturday, the morning session which is at 9 a.m. and the afternoon session which is at 1 p.m. The two sessions are slightly different. The morning workshop is geared toward the younger crowd whereas the afternoon workshop is better suited for adults. According to Dr. Emmons, “The morning sessions are more visual and are generally attended by younger people. The afternoon sessions are faster paced and require background skills such as typing, making graphs, etc. They are more suitable for older people.”
Science Saturdays is just one of many ways in which Adams State College engages with the San Luis Valley community. Another science club that is active in the community is the Grizzly Robotics Society.
Unfortunately, Science Saturdays does have an expiration date. The workshops are slated to end in December, with the fourth of December being the last day. The Science Activity Center where the workshops are held is being converted into a classroom. There will be no afternoon workshop on the final day.
So, if you don’t want to miss out on some fun science activities for the entire family attend Science Saturdays. The remaining dates are November 6, November 24, and December 4. They are held at the Science Activity Center which is located on the north side of the Community Partnerships building. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet