Health Care Reform is Passed After Long Process

Audrey Martinez
The Paw Print

One of the most talked about elements of the Obama administration policy is the universal health care plan. It is one of the most complex and least understood issues in American politics today.  The matter of this issue is that health care costs have shot out of control, leaving many Americans, of all ages, receiving no health care or health insurance. When these people seek medical attention, they are left in substantial debt due to the state of the economy.

One of the biggest financial drains on Americans is the high cost of health care. Many families are one illness or one condition away from being financially in trouble. As American citizens, we cannot stand around and watch as millions of Americans become ill because they lack health coverage.  Maintaining a healthy workforce may lead to a healthy economy and provide Americans with the health care and coverage that is essential to maintaining an efficient and effective health care system.  For years we have recognized these issues affecting the health of Americans, but have not taken the necessary actions to remedy them. This shows why the president began the process and passed the Health Care Reform.

After a year of debate, the Health Care Reform was passed and has grown to be part of our legislation. The new reform intends to reduce health costs for several individuals and improve the quality of health care by allowing individuals to receive health coverage. The most important aspect of this reform is that insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage for those individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.  Nor can they deny coverage for individuals who develop a medical condition.

By expanding the array of health care, the access to health care specialists will be easier for individuals in need. The quality of health care will improve dramatically, and the cost will decrease for those who have medical conditions or simply need a doctor’s check-up. There are several motions incorporated with this reform which will take years to implement. Action will be taken and held responsibly because responsibility and time are the core principle when it comes to our health.

There have been several self-employed, working individuals and children who have developed serious medical conditions that could lead to death, and their insurance companies have dropped their coverage. Many of these individuals have died because they did not have the health coverage to assist them in getting the help and treatment that they needed to survive.  Thanks to the Health Care Reform, American citizens can now have a choice of high-quality and affordable coverage that will stay with them whether they move, change their job, or lose their job. This reform will finally bring skyrocketing health care costs under control, which will mean savings for families and the government.  Also, it will now be more effective to ensure that tax dollars go directly toward caring for our elderly rather than taxes enriching the insurance companies. This will help provide elderly with the benefits that they have been promised and ensure long-term health care. Most importantly this reform will offer every American with consumer protection that will hold insurances accountable. No longer will theses insurance companies discriminate against the millions of American as they have in the previous years due to their medical history.

The bill will expand coverage to 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured. Within six months, health plans will stop setting annual limits on coverage’s and stop canceling policy holders who may develop a serious condition.  They will also have to allow children to remain on their parent’s policy until the age of 26. Plans that include coverage for children cannot deny coverage for these children due to previous medical conditions under any circumstances.

The future is now clearer and has put an end to dishonest practices that were once held by insurance companies. No individual will now be denied coverage nor will their coverage be dropped for serious illnesses and conditions that individuals may develop. This is what this reform is all about. If individuals do not currently have health insurance, they will finally have the quality, affordable options that this reform has approved. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet