Ukraine is the Most Dangerous Place in the World – Warned Poroshenko

Steven Petrov

The Paw Print

“It is too early for Ukraine to be joining NATO”

With the developing Russian-Ukrainian crisis that started almost a year ago, numerous speculations have come out linking the Eastern European republic to entering NATO, so that the international military organization can protect the small country from the aggressive and continuously pressuring Russia. The Ukrainian President, Poroshenko, gave an official press conference on Monday November 17th, aiming to explain the current situation around his country, the military conflict, as well as any future plans of becoming part of some of the leading International political and military organizations.  The President pointed out that his country is politically and economically not ready to join NATO, and that even if puts an appeal for Ukraine’s inclusion in the International alliance, it will just not be approved by the same nations that are firmly supporting Ukraine in the long and unlawful conflict with Russia. The President showed his acknowledgment of the reasons why that would happen, “Only after certain reforms are made in Ukraine, and the country can answer to every single criterion that NATO requires, could his country be let into the most powerful international military alliance.”

When talking about the current political and military situation in Ukraine, Poroshenko firmly stated that his country is ready for the outbreak of a direct war with Russia, but of course prefers for the conflict to be resolved peacefully with no blood and death. Due to the continuously increasing pressures in Ukraine from Russia and the numerous different crossfires from both sides of the conflict, Poroshenko said that “Ukraine is the most dangerous place in the world as of right now.” The official head of State, believes that the military actions that have been going on for months now in the Eastern part of Ukraine are more dangerous than the threats of “ISIS” and everything else that is currently happening in the Middle East.

His reasoning comes from the fact that the tensions between Russia and Ukraine can be dated a long time back in 19th and 20th century history and both parties in the conflict are extremely “sensitive” on this subject. This can turn this definitely aggressive and violent conflict into active war overnight.Poroshenko overemphasized the fact that Ukraine has strictly followed and fulfilled every clause of the peace contract with Russia and that his country is willing to talk and seek further peaceful economic and political resolution. He made it clear that even though Ukraine is prepared for war, it doesn’t want one. The President’s belief is that military actions can not solve the problem and that if Russia simply follows up with the promises it makes, the conflict can soon be peacefully resolved.

After expressing Ukraine’s belief that further military actions can be avoided, Poroshenko stated that his country’s army is now much better prepared than 5 months ago, due to the large international military support that Ukraine has been receiving. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet