Tricks and Tips on How to Survive Valentine’s Day

Jessica Shawcroft
The Paw Print

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while this can be a fun time to connect with your loved one, we often are stuck worrying about what to get the other person! I found some helpful hints that I am sure we can all benefit from!
If you’re shopping for him, it may seem that no gift is perfect or enough to show how you feel! I always struggle finding the “perfect” gift, so this year I went looking for ideas!
Take him to dinner! Whether you make dinner or the two of you go out, it’s always nice to be thought of and enjoy a nice “evening out on the town.” Head to a place you’ve never been to, or stay in and make a romantic dinner for two.
Another gift idea could be sports related; sometimes guys like to skip the romantic, gushy stuff, so look for some tickets to his favorite team or get him the all included sports package from his cable provider.
One of my favorite ideas is a get away! If you two want to get away and enjoy some private time, look into a weekend get away! You don’t have to go far, maybe just the next town over or maybe you want to plan a trip for Spring Break, surprise him with the airfare tickets, or a cozy hotel package, and you’re golden!
Now guys, maybe you’re unsure about what to get your girl, she keeps changing her mind or gives you the ever famous “I don’t want anything but you for Valentine’s Day.”  Don’t worry, I found some ideas for you too!
Jewelry always seems to be a hit, and no I’m not talking any rings, a nice pair of earrings or a necklace will do the trick! Something she can wear when you go out, and show off to all her friends! A romantic movie is also a great idea, maybe even a night in with her all-time favorites!
If you’re looking for something she enjoys but might not purchase for herself, perfume is a good way to go. Women love to smell nice, it’s the little touch that completes a look. If you aren’t sure what she likes, sneak around her place, see if she has any lying around; or just ask next time you’re out at a store.
Girls also like chocolate and roses; you can’t go wrong with her favorite flowers. A simple gesture that lets her know you care! Or, instead of purchasing candy for her, try making her favorite dessert! Even if it turns out burned or flat, at least you tired, the gesture will go a long way!
Whatever you choose, I’m sure it’ll be a great evening! Just try not to put too much pressure on the night and enjoy each other’s company!
If you don’t have someone to spend Valentina’s Day with, get a group of friends together and enjoy the night! A classic example is from Friends, the girls host a boyfriend bonfire on their Valentine’s Day night! Sometimes spending the night with friends is a great, easy way to strike new connections! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet