The Greatest and Most Epic Game in the World

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

So, after thinking long and hard about what to write in this week’s article, I found myself pondering a number of different topics and issues flying around the world right now. I could talk about something really fun like the situation of the economy, or I could talk about something spiritual which inspires everyone to do wonderful things that will better the world, or I could have another rant like I did last week about social media.
Instead, I’m going to talk about one of the greatest and most epic sports in the world. Some might think they already know the answer to this question; however, the majority are going to be wrong.
The sport is called a number of different things around the world: but, it has a universal meaning and feeling wherever it’s played. It’s a team sport but can be played as an individual. All you need is one piece of equipment to enjoy its simple pleasures.
You can play it in many different forms and levels. Soccer, Football or Futball is the greatest sport in the world, fact. It’s the most popular sport in the world hands down.
This ancient sport has developed over hundreds of years to become the simple yet taxing and rewarding sport it is today. Soccer has the power to unite people from all over the world.
Over 250 million people play the sport in 200 different countries professionally, that doesn’t even include amateurs.
This doesn’t even include the billions of people who simply enjoy the pleasures of watching the sport. The sport has so much history and tradition behind it that it runs deep within cultures of whole countries.
In places like Africa and Brazil, football is one of very little pleasures they have. In England football is almost like religion. Once you support and follow a team you become a part of an extended family. A family that all have the same interests, all which have the same love for their team and all, want their team to win. Without a doubt it’s the most popular sport in the world.
Around the world this sport has the power to start and settle wars. During periods of peace in war time nations and individuals would play together putting their issues and problems behind them no matter what. Regardless of what social class, ethnic background or gender of the individual, that person can play the fantastic sport which is Football.
Football (Soccer) has been a lifelong commitment and passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Once I was introduced to the sport I was instantly hooked. It isn’t just a sport it’s a way of life that changes you only for the better. It teaches you team work and commitment, passion and drive, mental strength and focus, not only that it teaches you respect.
Whoever you are and no matter where you’re from as soon as you enter the field or play with the ball all problems and issues are left behind. It’s just eleven individuals on a team battling to win and prove whose best. It’s a battle to see who has the will to win. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet