Stunning Victory in Massachusetts

By Cody Schuman
The Paw Print

In a truly stunning upset, Republican Scott Brown beat out Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, as the replacement to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate. The victory marks the first time a Republican has been elected from Massachusetts to the Senate since 1972.

Brown campaigned on a largely conservative platform. If elected, he vowed to vote in opposition of President Obama’s healthcare bill. His vote gives the Republican Party the option and ability to utilize their filibuster, which would in turn prevent the bill from becoming a law.

The victory comes as a shock for many Democrats, including the President, who made a special appearance last weekend to boost Coakley’s support.

A number of key Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, find themselves in some trouble as they approach the upcoming November elections.

For the Conservatives, on the other hand, the victory stands as a major stepping stone in what Democrats fear could be a collapse come November. “This is monumental,” former Governor Mitt Romney told reporters of Brown’s win.

Brown’s win does not necessarily guarantee that the health care bill will not be passed, but instead serves as a speed bump.

The President and Harry Reid, alike, made statements claiming to welcome Brown to the floor as soon as the necessary paperwork is filled out.

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