How ASC Students Do Winter Break!

By: Brenda Figueroa-Gonzalez
The Paw Print

Here’s how some of our fellow ASC students spent their winter break:

Kyle Bufis –“ It snowed almost three feet in a two day period over Christmas Eve and day in Minnesota. I think it was considered one of the largest snowstorms in Minnesota in ten years, virtually cutting of a lot of travel for many people.”

Cicily Boswell –“The last week of break, my mom and older sister and I left on Monday to drive to San Diego to visit my little sister who’s pregnant and due any day. She lives on a Marine base with her husband. It’s a twelve hour trip. We didn’t really do anything too exciting because my sister is about to pop so we just hung out. I spent the majority of my break lounging around doing nothing because that’s what breaks are for, right? But it was good to see my sister because we’ve grown very close over the years and she lives far away.”

 Emily Andrews –“Well I helped move my family and the whole house to Dallas, Texas from Denver. I saw Avatar in 3D. Dom Martinez came to Texas to visit me and we rode these cool rides called the Sky Coaster and Texas Blastoff. Texas Blastoff is a human catapult. We also rode go-karts that go pretty darn fast. We got kicked out because supposedly we were being too aggressive on the karts! Then we drove 17 hours back to Colorado in one day.”

Jen Ribar –“This break I went home to Alaska for one week. I caught up with a lot of people that I haven’t seen in years. It was also my first time at home when I was 21 so my friends showed me around the bars at home. When I came back to Colorado I went to a Denver Nuggets game with my boyfriend and his family. We made a whole day out of it in Denver and it was a lot of fun.”

Casey Diss –“Winter break for me meant R.A. work and training. I had little time to relax. But, I definitely learned a lot!”

Lexi Hamilton –“Over winter break I got my first New Year’s kiss! My boyfriend and me were driving home and he pulled over just to kiss me. It was magical!”

Clint Sowards –“During winter break I finalized my plans of going to medical school in Keytesville, Missouri.”

Mark Jones –“This winter break was relaxing! I cleaned out my garage, which is a huge accomplishment. I watched Avatar and got probably the best Christmas gift ever…a deep fryer!” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet