Student Scholar: March 21

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

With graduation just around the corner, Adams State senior Brittany Olsen is working harder than ever to finish her college career. She is majoring in both Business Advertising and English Liberal Arts, and though double majoring can be a lot to handle, is ready to receive her degrees.
Eventually, she may attend grad school, but for now, Olsen is content with the work she has put into her education.
“I’m very pleased that I will be graduating with two majors. I’m very excited about that! All of the work I’ve done for my classes and outside have gone into that and gotten me to this point. It’s been a great experience all around and I can’t wait to see what happens afterward,” Olsen says. Though she will miss her time at Adams, the success she has achieved will get her far in life.
During her college career, Olsen spent much of her time attending the theatre productions put on by her peers. She is proud to say that she has possibly only missed one or two since she started attending Adams State. She enjoys supporting her fellow students, and does so by not only attending theatre productions, but musical events and senior readings as well. She has also just submitted her first creative nonfiction piece to the Sandhill Review. She is a talented writer, and enjoys expressing herself through her work.
After graduation, Olsen will travel to Spain with the El Camino class. The group will spend three weeks hiking El Camino de Santiago, an experience Olsen highly anticipates.
“It’s something I’m very excited about, since I’ve never travelled out of the USA,” Olsen explains. “It also gives me a chance to get some real world experience in Spanish. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime.”
After her trip to Spain, Olsen plans to dive straight into work. Whether she’ll already have a job set up by then, or if she will start the search, she believes it’s an adventure she’ll be ready to tackle. Keeping in touch with her literary skills, Olsen hopes to achieve a job in the publishing business, specifically in cover art.
“Publishing encompasses so much, but I love bringing in the visual aspect. A cover can entice someone to pick up a book or magazine or ignore it completely. I’d love to be involved in getting people to pick up a book and consider reading it.”
Olsen knows that school can be a challenge, but if the right effort and attitude is applied, any goal can be achieved. She explains that her work ethic was a big help in her success, and that working hard and keeping on top of her responsibilities helped her get to where she is today.
“I think the big thing is to find something you enjoy doing,” Olsen says. “If you enjoy it, then any work that comes along with it has a way of not seeming as much like work. I’m not saying that work won’t come up and be challenging. But, if you enjoy what you’re doing then, I think all of that work has a way of being worth it.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet