Student Scholar: February 28

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

20-year-old Bryan Ruybal, a sophomore here at Adams State, is working hard to achieve his educational goals. A dedicated Physical Therapy major with an impressive 3.6 GPA, Ruybal has plans to not only earn his bachelor’s in Exercise Science here at Adams, but to go on and earn his master’s—and one day Doctorate—in physical therapy school.

Ruybal’s deep dedication to his passions and goals is something that has pushed him forwards all of his life. He does not let anything get in the way of what he wants to achieve. No matter what he is trying to do, he does not stop working until he achieves his goals.

Here at Adams, Ruybal spends much of his free time attending sporting events, theatre plays, and science events in order to support the students and staff. He enjoys spending time with friends. It is a good way to get his mind off school, and he likes seeing the different sides of ASU.

“Everyone here, whether it’s the athletes or the actors, has a lot of talent, and it’s great to see them use their abilities to their full potential,” Ruybal says.

Another way that Ruybal takes the stress of school away is playing the guitar, a hobby he has kept up for eight years.

He admits that at times learning and keeping up with his hobby has been difficult, but since it’s something he loves, he’s kept trying. Not only does this help ease the hassle of college life, it also shows the strength of his dedication.

“His passion for what he does always impresses me, and it helps inspire me to work harder towards what I do,” says Ruybal’s long-time girlfriend Alicia.

For now, Ruybal is focusing on passing each class as it comes. He gives every assignment and every course all of his effort, and he does not let the stress of school put him off from success.

After graduation, Ruybal desires to one day own his own physical therapy clinic and get the chance to work with other talented colleagues. With how dedicated he is to his work and aspirations, his goals are not that hard to obtain.

“Working really hard and putting in the time is the key to success,” Ruybal explains.

“It helps that I’m interested in the things that I’m learning about. What I want to do has always been my passion, and it makes it easier for me to envision my goal. I’ve already worked so hard to get this far, so why stop now?”

Ruybal admits that self-doubt is something that used to hold him back, but now he does not let anything stop him from doing what he wants.

“Don’t be afraid of failure. If you don’t get it the first time, then keep trying. Let the failures better you for your future attempts. If you doubt yourself, you’ve already lost. Anyone has the capacity to do anything.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet