Speculations on the End of the World

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

Now, I’m not sure if I’m on the right thought path or if I speak for anyone else when I say and think this; however, I bet it’s true that a few people at least think or have thought about this before or will think about it in the future. Sometimes I find myself thinking about some mind blowing things such as how and when this beautiful world will end. The reason why I think about it is because there are so many theories and possibilities flying around out there that it’s difficult not to.
Apparently, the world is supposed to end this December, and who actually knows? No one does. We will just have to wait until that day to find out. According to Phil Plait who gave a very interesting presentation on TEDtalks, there is a world ending asteroid called Apophis that is heading to earth and is expected to hit around 2036.
Just like past asteroids that were supposed to hit and destroy the world. Other natural disasters like the volcanoes of Yellowstone and Hawaii have the power to erupt and affect the way the world runs and the ways we live on it, or in that case, not live on it.
Recently, another thought that has crossed my mind thanks to the amazing and intriguing show The Walking Dead, is the thought of an air born disease that plagues the world and turns everybody into flesh hungry zombies. A zombie apocalypse is a totally different way of the end and I find myself thinking, is it possible? Could there be a disease in the future that is air born that can turn people into zombies.
Just imagine for a second if it were to actually happen. I mean, what would you do? Would you be able to survive, I would like to think that I would but wouldn’t we all? Where would you hide and find shelter? It would have to be somewhere safe and secluded away from any other human. But, then again would you want to be part of a group or do you think that you will have a better chance going solo?
Would you leave your family and friends behind to insure the survival of your own life? You will need protection of course so what would be your weapon of choice and how would you obtain it? Would you rebel against all the laws of society and change your ethics to survive or would you still comply? Would you kill other humans to ensure that you and your party will survive and see it through the day?
All these things buzz around my head when I think about this kind of apocalypse and maybe it does for some of you also. Maybe I’m totally off my head in my thinking that this is possible. Maybe not, who knows. I think that is the most interesting and puzzling part of the whole thing, no one actually knows if it is possible.


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