Snake Eyes

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

Under the safety net of a half cut log, I lay all snuggled and safe, watching these strange people who keep me locked in this glass fortress like a caged animal. These people are crafty; they just come and go as they please, thinking they rule over me. Sometimes these people sit and observe my actions like I’m supposed to perform a trick like a measly rat. It must be boring to watch me at times because all I honestly do is bathe in the heat of the glowing ball in the sky and gaze out of this glass prison. But, it’s all a trick. I’m sitting here waiting for these monstrous people to slip up and give me a chance to escape and explore the world I only imagine about.
Days and nights slither by and I am still waiting for that one chance to breach these walls and start my quest for freedom. They’re coming to get me now; I can hear the roof of the prison rattle off its hinges, it must be time to feast. I’ve been planning this for weeks; I will refuse the food, for I will not eat from these two legged peasants. A long scaly hand grabs me and takes me to the familiar feeding den; however, this time things will be different. The food is dropped off just as planned, the fuzzy just lays there and waits for me to strike; this time I will not.
I bide my time and stick to the plan. Eventually, the freaks get tired of waiting around and return me to my cell. I can tell the plan is working, I can sense the unrest within them, the nervousness of these people is beginning to show and I can taste the fear. They place me on the log and slam the roof behind them. Only this time it is different, this time the plan has worked. That familiar rattling sound of the hinges shutting and my life slipping away didn’t bless us with its presence this time. I had made them forget the locks. The locks to the roof that has confined me to this prison are no longer mocking me. “Sensational,” I say, “silly slippery peoples, say I see myself out.” The moment that I never thought would arrive is here and I’m going to snatch at it like a predator to its prey. I slowly begin the epic journey to the roof to squeeze my way to freedom from the repression of these animalistic beings.
I position myself tall, strong and rigged to push the roof off the tyranny and squeeze out into the world like a hatchling being born again. I land safe at the feet of the monster. I’ve never felt so great. Coiled up outside in the real word I begin the next stage of the new me. Who ever thought the plan would work, but, it has am I’m free to slide off into the future.
The ground is fuzzy and squishy; if I was any bigger and weighed a lot more I would be able to make an indent bellow me. I had no clue what the outside held for me but I’m willing to take the risk. The tables have turned and now I seem like the rat in a cage. So many things stand as sky scrapers to me. In my captivity everything seemed very regular size to me, but out here it’s different. The smell and taste is different: it’s fresher, fruitier. Anything is better than that stale, old, lingering smell in the fortress.
I’m sure where to go, so I just carry on with the path I am heading. Is this what the wild was like? I have never been free to explore before so everything is new to me. As my voyage continues I notice something moving in the corner of my eye. A BEAST, I have spotted a beast. The beast stands between me and the path I am to continue on. It is a deathly black color and furry. It stands on four long beams for legs. It makings a low growling noise and opens its mouth, revealing an impressive set of teeth.
I hear one of the freaks call, “Caesar be quiet.” The beast turns around, and I seize the opportunity to squirm back in the direction I came from. I take a sharp turn around a rectangular box looking thing that the freaks lay on for long periods of time. As I proceed on I move over a box that was open on the floor. It has a brush and multi colored powder that sticks to my patterned protracted body. I can see my reflection in this glass, what is this; I have never seen such beauty. I have never seen myself from this angle before. My scaly skin compliments my sharp red eyes. The colors are out of this world, a succulent peach color with vibrant oranges battle for space along my thin body.  “Peaches,” one of the freaks says, “What are you doing out of your cage?” Peaches? Who is Peaches? It must have been my colors and my movement in the reflective glass that gave me away. These humans never seem to leave me alone. I slither away as fast as I can before I am caught, but I’m too late and am in the hands of my oppressors. I am put back into my cell gently. My plan almost worked; I tasted freedom for a little while and it was great. I want more and I plan to get more of it. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet