Scholar of the Week: September 6

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Ashley Setzer, a hard-working 19-year-old, Adams State sophomore, comes in as Student Scholar of the Week.
Setzer, a Sociology major, has been striving hard and putting in her best effort into achieving the goals she sets for herself.
“I really want to make myself proud,” Setzer says. “College was my choice, and my dream. I’m here now, so I’ll do what I have to in order to succeed.”
Setzer is involved in a variety of things here at Adams, but what she is most fond of is volunteering her time with the club Circle K. She enjoys spending time giving back to the community and helping others, and she loves the friends she has made through Circle K.
“It’s such a great experience,” she said fondly. “It’s so much fun, and you learn a bunch about how to help those around you.”
Setzer, who calls herself an animal enthusiast, says,
“Helping animals is also a great way to give back. They can’t thank you like humans do, or give back to you at all, but it’s knowing that you’ve helped them in their life that makes you feel a bit better about yourself.”
“She’s just a really great person,” says a close friend of Setzer. “She is so caring and passionate about everything she does, and she always has timefor her friends. She never blows me off, and she’s always there when I need her. She’s a rare type of person that you don’t meet every day.”
At the moment, Setzer is not sure what she would like to do after she graduates college, but she knows it will have something to do with her deep roots in generosity and her love of helping others.
“I’m just so undecided right now,” Setzer says. “I mean, I never really know what exactly I want to do. I may not even stay with Sociology as my major. Life is always changing, and I’m ready to change with it. Maybe I’ll fall in love with a new career path, you never know.”
For now, all she is sure of is that her career will continue her effort to give back to the community. Setzer is considering becoming a veterinarian technician.
“The more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds to work with animals. There is just this special sense of satisfaction I get when I help animals, and to be able to do that for a living would be wonderful.”
Setzer says that her success in school, and the rest of her goals in life, are attributed to the hard work and dedication she gives to everything. She does not give up when things get hard, and she knows that she has strong support behind her.
“My friends here mean a lot to me,” Setzer says. “I was really afraid that when I came here I wouldn’t make friends, but all the peopleI have met really proved me wrong. They help me through all my struggles, and I wouldn’t be the same person without them.”
When asked what advice she would give to other students trying to be successful, Setzer knew exactly what to say.
“You’re paying for this education, for this new experience in your life. Don’t throw that away. Make the most of this. Work hard and don’t give up, no matter how challenging it gets. And remember that your friends are always there for you, no matter what.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet