Scholar of the Week: May 3

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Marge Bear, a non-traditional student here at Adams State College, is working hard to achieve her dreams of graduating and being successful. Marge, a freshman majoring in Business with an emphasis in Accounting, is focusing on furthering her education so that she can get a more fulfilling job.
Marge is hard at work, now that she has jumped back into the education boat, and she is doing her best to stay afloat in the sea of knowledge.
“I would have to say that being a nontraditional student, and to have attained the high level of satisfaction with my work in my classes is my greatest accomplishment, considering I have been out of school for somewhere around 27 years.”
On top of juggling school, working a full time job, and keeping up with her personal life, Marge also helps take care of a small hay ranch, plus the chores at home.
Since her life is already so packed, Marge is not able to be as involved as she wants to be with campus life, but she still utilizes many of the resources offered to her. She regularly visits the library and the writing studio, both of which she has found quite helpful.
“I am trying not to jump ahead too far and enjoy what is in front of me,” Marge said. “I can only say that if I feel the desire to further my education, I know there is a great resource nearby.”
However, Marge makes an effort to become ore involved with some of her classmates in study sessions. She tries to take time to get to know her classmates on a personal level, as well an educational level, whether it is just for a few moments before class, or during a walk down the halls.
“The connection to one another helps each of us to reach our goals in our classes as well as grow as people, and also affords us another resource to fall back on if we should need to,” Marge says.
After graduation, Marge hopes to advance from her current job as an accounts payable clerk to an accountant, preferably a forensic accountant. Overall, however, Marge would like a job that leaves her feeling as if she has made a difference with the work she has done.
Beside a more fulfilling job, though, Marge is not sure what she wants to do with her post-graduation life.
“Take a nap!” she joked. On a more serious note, she adds,
“Graduating seems like an eternity away at this point in my journey. Ask me when I graduate, and I will have a solid answer for you, but in the meantime, I just want to graduate.”
Marge’s faculty nominator, Mrs. Catherine Heaton, says that she nominated Marge because she goes above and beyond what is asked of her, and she never gives up.
“Marge stands out because she takes advantage of every single opportunity to learn-not just to earn a grade,” Mrs. Heaton said. “She will puzzle away at understanding why and how something is the way it is in a writing situation so that the next time she runs into that scenario she is prepared. She is a role model of what a conscientious writer should be.”
Marge is successful because she does not give up. She continues to strive for perfection, and she will work to achieve her goals. Being one of 13 children living out on a ranch 20 miles south of Durango, Marge aspires to be the only one of her siblings to graduate.
“Now that I have worked over half of my life, the opportunity that eluded me has come to the forefront and I plan on taking full advantage of it.  Though it seems late in my life, call it a “bucket list” item if you will, I am determined to better my job prospects and I am willing to put the effort in to achieve that.”
Marge says that no matter what problems arise, she will fight through them to come out successful. Though it was odd at first to be in a class with teenagers, she said that Mrs. Heaton made her transition back into school easier, and it made her see that education is for all people, not just those who recently graduated high school.
“Never give up on yourself,” Marge encourages. “Getting an education should be viewed as a dream, not a task.  Know what you want it life and tackle it with vigor.  You are only going to get out of life what you put into it.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet