Scholar of the Week: December 8

Photo by Samantha Saville: Bryce Turner

Reggie Thompson
The Paw Print

Bryce Turner comes in as this week’s Scholar of the Week as a solid chemistry student.
This senior, graduating in May, was nominated by Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Christina Miller.
Turner doesn’t shy away from hard work and a rigorous course load, taking physical  chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular II, chamber choir, chemistry seminar, and art appreciation. Next semester he will continue with physical chemistry and analytical chemistry, as well as chamber choir and  chemistry seminar, but will add on introduction to psychology and bioinformatics.  Roughly, Turner takes around 18-20 credit hours per semester.
Turner, a biochemistry major, initially did not want to have this much science on his plate, but after a while, he had a change of heart.
“I started college wanting to do the minimal amount of science possible to apply to medical school,” said this scholar of the week, “but found the teachers so excited and the material so engaging that I wanted to learn more.”
The books have been good for Turner, earning himself a 3.48 grade-point average (GPA).
When asked about his study habits, the senior said, “I like to talk it out with people and try to break concepts down to a really simplistic example. I used the term “pop and lock” to describe hemoglobin last year.”
He also said “I think I can work well with other people and work quickly. I like the material too which helps pay attention and try to figure it out in your mind. I also try to jump ahead in my mind and find applicable situations. Last year, I was doing a project on quantum tunneling in physics and found out it’s used in metabolic processes, so I talked about with my biochem professor. In general, I seem to enjoy doing wide, interdisciplinary type of things.”
Turner keeps himself busy outside of the classroom as well, being involved in the choirs as well as the biology club Tribeta, and Adams Atoms, the chemistry club, keeping it all planned and organized.
With all the success in the classroom and the way he has exemplified his balance, Turner seems to have a solid opportunity at the career he wants.  He is applying to PhD programs in biochemistry and planning on teaching and conducting research.
Keeping his options open, Turner simply finishes by saying, “I’ll see where life takes me.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet