Scholar of the Week: August 30

Rachel Decker
The Paw Print

Scholar of the week Jake Webb is one of the more notable faces in the Theatre department. A sophomore, Webb has achieved a GPA of 3.47, and is working hard to finish college and begin his road to achieving his dreams.
“I want to do stuff,” Webb said jokingly. On a more serious note, Webb said that his plans for the future are centered on theatre. Right now, he is heavily involved in the theatre, and all of its productions. He is the master electrician and does the lighting for the plays.
“It’s something I’m really proud of, actually,” Webb admitted. “I worked really hard to get there. I knew it was something I wanted to do, and I wasn’t going to give up until I was satisfied.”
Along with being the master technician, he is also elated over becoming the Program Commissioner at a summer camp called Camp Alexander. He enjoys working with kids, and being able to spend the summer at camp was something he really loved. However, when asked what he considered his greatest accomplishment so far, Webb did not hesitate with answering,
“I’m pretty proud of the beard I grew this summer.”
Webb is known by many of his friends as a guy with a great sense of humor, and his humor is something that has helped him along in life.
“Life is just easier when you have fun,” Webb said. “I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t have my humor.”
After he graduates, Webb plans on continuing his involvement with theatre. Over the next few summers, he has decided to start applying for internships with different theatres, specifically an art company in Denver. His hope is to get his name out in the theatre world for technician work.
“If you can get your name out in Denver, it’ll help you get noticed in other places like Los Angeles or New York, and that could really help me out after I graduate.”
Once Webb is finished with college, he hopes that he can secure a good technician job with a theatre crew. When asked what his dream job was, Webb immediately had an answer.
“It would be awesome to do get a job with Cirque Di Soleil or something like that, like setting up the stage and the lighting,” he said passionately. “Just as long as I’m working with something I love. If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
Though Webb keeps his days filled with fun, humor, and theatre, he admits there is a lot of hard work behind his success. He has put in countless hours on not only homework, but with his work-study, helping set up the plays, or go over plans for the next show.
“I’m not afraid to get the job done,” Webb says. “I stayed up pretty late a lot last semester, and I know this semester won’t be any different. I’ll do what it takes to make sure the job gets done right.”
With a smile, Webb adds,
“Except for when it comes to math. I’m not a fan of math.”To other students, Webb has a few tips to help everyone achieve their goals and walk across the stage.
“Get your stuff done,” he says seriously. “Your hard work will pay off in the end. You don’t have to be the best or brightest student, so long as you do what you can to the best of your abilities. If you’re not afraid to put in the effort, you can really go places.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet