Relieving Anxiety the Natural Way! Destress Before Finals

Ali Rivera 

The Paw Print

Finals are coming up! And that comes with anxiety. However during the crazy week of finals there are several different methods that can help you cope with your anxiety using natural methods.

Drink green tea! According to research shows that there is an acid in green tea called L-theanine, which has proven to curb high blood pressure and a racing heart. However it may take a few cups to feel the full effect.

Exercise! Exercise has been proven to help not only anxiety but depression. Exercising is a strong antidote on the brain and the body to relieve depression and anxiety. Also exercising can relieve your symptoms long term as well as immediately.

Give yourself a 21 minute break! If you are cramming for the next test or quiz take a 21 minute break. According to it takes 21 minutes to exercise anxiety. Use the time to take a walk, or do stretching exercises, or even go on a short run. That way you can continue to study without the anxiety shakes. As well as giving your brain a breather.

Lavender! According to studies the smell of lavender helps relieve anxiety. Also lavender is used for emotional inflammation. Next time when you’re studying or in an emotionally stressed state, place a candle or use air freshener to create the lavender aroma to help calm down the nerves.

Don’t forget to eat! Studies show that when people are irritated or become very anxious it means they could be hungry. Make sure you eat a good, healthy snack in-between study periods.

Breathing exercises! When we are anxious we tend to forget to breath. According to it has shown that taking a few min to close your eyes and hold your breath for a few seconds. Not trying to turn blue! Yet long enough to feel the release. Also if you do yoga the breathing exercises are very useful to helping anxiety. When you’re feeling anxious try some of the breathing exercises that they use in yoga!

Make sure to eat breakfast! Sayings always say breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. According to many people with anxiety disorders skip breakfast. However if you begin to eat breakfast and eat something like eggs with high protein and that is filling, you will soon notice the decrease in your anxiety levels.

Take you vitamins! According to studies people who take Omega 3 or fish oil on a daily basis has been proven to have less anxiety then those who do not! Fish oil and Omega 3 are both preventions for depression and anxiety. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet