Recycle Fashion Show and Art Exhibit

By Nancy Blevins

All the un-useful things that clutter our landfills, yards, garages, homes and even our cities, which were valuable at one time or another, have been recreated and brought back to life. Thanks to the creative artists and minds from all over the San Luis Valley the recycled, re-used, or re-purposed materials have taken on whole new forms, from fashionable clothing to valuable art pieces.

The second Annual ASC Community Partnerships “Recycled Fashion Show” was a hit. Eleven girls from all different majors modeled various recycled materials designed into dresses, shirts, pants and boots.  The girls showed some of the outfits from last year’s First Annual Recycled Fashion Show before showing the outfits of this year. They modeled business suits made from bottle caps and tubes, a plastic bag skirt, a shredded paper dress, a jingle skirt, a shirt made out of recycled cans and more.

Rachel, a model who is from Guam, wanted a little part of home her in Alamosa, so she started the idea of the Recycled Fashion Show, which she was part of in her hometown. With the help of Community Partnerships and Mary Hoffman, the first Recycled Fashion Show came into existence. Mary Hoffman created several of the dresses shown.  Other participants and designers included Sandy Ortega, Joyce Pardington, Rachel (model), Andrea Livingston (model), Raven Raguindin (model), Dora Vigil (model), Deanna (model), Bethany Smith (model), Dodie Day and Mary Jo Martin.

The Recycled Art Exhibition was just as interesting and creative. It featured Anthony Guntren’s “Chevy Hood” auto metal, EC Hanson’s “Sophisticate,” Marian Schlagbaum’s “Baby Shoes on Recycled Canvas,” and Kim Babbit’s “A Man with Grit” scrap metal, which is an awesome replica of John Wayne. The art work is amazing. It really shows the artistic talent that not only our College has but the San Luis Valley as well.

If you missed Friday’s fashion show Adams State College’s Community Partnerships art gallery (Nov. 13th), you can still see the art exhibit through November. The Recycled Art Exhibition is running in conjunction with America Recycles Month. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet