One response to “Recent Issues with Wild Horses in the United States”

  1. This is not true….there is not an over population of horses. Many horses are at Rescues, hack stables, riding clubs, if they would bring back mounted police there would be jobs and horses will be used to protect the public. There are many uses for horses you don’t kill horses that are filled with dangerous drugs to just get rid of them. You must keep in mind that race horses and domestic horses also wild horses have drugs. Dewormer, bute, 20 other drugs including insulin. If you are not suppose to take insulin it is bad for you. We still don’t know how these drugs react when cooked. This is tainted meat and many doctors, vets said the drugs can be deadly when eaten by humans and animals. Horse meat was taken out of dog food due to health reasons. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet