Post Spring Break Concert Featuring YG Flops

Kaymarie Jones
The Paw Print

What was supposed to be the concert of the century turned out to be a disaster. The After Spring Break YG Concert scheduled to begin at 6pm in Plachy Hall started approximately four hours later. According to the producers of the show, they did not have enough opening acts to hold the crowd until the main act arrived from Denver. Keenan Jackson, or YG, known for his popular hit song “Tooted and Booted,” had to travel through a snowstorm between Denver and Pueblo on Saturday, March 24. Upon arrival, YG only got the chance to perform one song due to technical difficulties. Naturally, the crowd was restless.

“Whoever planned this needs serious help with organization. There is no way you can have people waiting for an artist for hours, and having him show up and not perform is a no-no. I know he did one song but that just wasn’t enough. I believe we need to take this as a lesson for future events,” stated an upset student.

Students could be heard shouting at the promoters for the ten dollars they paid for each ticket to the concert. Others objected to the poor planning and poor organization, but they were only ignored. Gladly, there was no bottle throwing or any such bad behavior, but you could see the anger on the faces of the fans. At this sight, YG allowed a few fans to take pictures which made up for their disappointment.

“I have been here at Adams State for three and a half years but I’ve never experienced such excitement,” said a member of the Black Student Union.

It was not all bad news, as DJ Abdizzy and DJ Ashack played a series of hit songs, engaging the crowd in a club style environment. The students were in good hands as the Adams State Police were in full force, lined around the Gym in Plachy Hall. Before YG’s performance, there were a few rap artists from the Denver area who took the stage and had the crowd pumping to popular hit songs of this era. Cash-B, Sean and Solo, and Ray Reid were a few of the artist that took control of the crowd. All the artists have over ten thousand fans on their Facebook pages and a few rap mix tape websites. They received tremendous support from the ASU family and are all willing to accept future invitations.

“It felt like we were at an actual concert, like seriously. The strobe lights, the stage lights, the officers, the VIP area, all looked so official. I loved every minute of it.”

The concert was one of few hip hop concerts held here at Adams State, and despite the huge issues with the timing and YG’s performance, it was by far the best. The promoters are working on making it better next year. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet