Poetry Reading at Luther Bean Museum

Nancy Blevins
South Coloradan

It was a cool evening with a small gathering around a podium, listening quietly to the poets’ voices, waiting for their words to strike a chord. As with every event there are always individuals who can’t refrain from talking or shuffling in their seats, distracting others. Nor can you help your own mind from drifting into thought’s when something sounds all too familiar. Fine poetry was read on this night, as all of the poets who shared were well learned in their craft.  It is here I wrote about this evening, in true form by way of a poem.

Words of Poetry

By Nancy Blevins

Whispers mimic voices of baby birds

Straining even harder to hear the words

Shuffle of unstillness, a bump of a chair

Youngster’s who really have not a care

What is being spoken, what is being said?

From the poet, sharing memories in their head


I want to scream…and then quiet arrives

Just as my thoughts take a dive

Into wonder dragging the mind

Clapping of hands, shakes it all back through time


Come back…acknowledge…smile

Yes, I was listening all the while

Listening to all those lines, stanza’s of pain

Sorrow, joy and memories that only the poet claims

Bringing them to life within every word

These words of poetry

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