Pewdiepie Needs Your Help!

Levi Savage Lowe

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Everyone uses the internet and almost everyone uses YouTube these days too. Pewdiepie, the King of the Bros aka. 9-year-old army, needs your help today. A company is attempting to over throw Pewdiepie’s throne of being the largest subscriber on the YouTube platform. He needs your Youtube subscription to be able to keep the throne and keep T-Series, the company mention earlier, from becoming the most subscribed YouTuber. Every second that passes, T-Series gets closer to catching Pewdiepie.

Pewdiepie has been the most subscribed YouTuber for many years now and for a few months now many people and YouTubers alike and joined the fight in trying to keep T-Series from taking that number one spot. One of the reasons for this major backlash against T-Series is because they are a company. Many people believe that if T-Series takes the number one spot then YouTube will change. This is most likely not true but there is also the idea that Pewdiepie and many other users are by themselves and are not companies trying to make a living off of making YouTube vidoes and then T-Series is trying to take that away from them.

A well-known Youtuber name Mr. Beast filled an entire town with advertisements to subscribe to Pewdiepie in an attempt to keep him at the number one spot. This act gave Pewdiepie a huge boost in subscribers that kept him safe from T-Series for a period of time. This did not last though. T-Series kept and getting more subscribes which continued to close the gap between it and Pewdiepie. For a time, it looked like all hope was lost and T-Series was just about to catch Pewdiepie. No one thought there was anyway to stop this take over any longer.

That was the case until another famous YouTuber named Markiplier just recently hosted a livestream telling all of his fans and others who were watching him to go subscribe to Pewdiepie to save YouTube. On that day, Pewdiepie earned 400,000 subscribers giving him another boost against T-Series. Many people rejoiced at seeing this and Pewdiepie was back in the game, not willing to put down his crown yet. But alas, the gap has begun to shrink again.

T-Series is slowly catching back up and Pewdiepie has retaliated with a charity livestream to help children in Indian. He needs your help. Go to YouTube right now and subscribe to the Pewdiepie to keep YouTube from being a company ruled platform. We all must work together. So many people have been working together in order to keep T-Series from taking away Pewdiepie’s throne. We all have a part to play in this battle. Let us all unite together and help Pewdiepie! Come and join the 9-Year-Old Army and help keep Pewdiepie at the top! I am doing my part… Are you? is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet