How to Survive Your Finals


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Finals Week, and the weeks leading up to it, is an extremely stressful time for all students. The last few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are a race to the finish. Everyone is excited to begin their Christmas break after being teased with Thanksgiving break, but we all have about 5 projects, 14 homeworks assignments, and 3 presentations to complete before we reach relaxation. Although I am not a professional at being a college student, I can provide you with several tips to make you want to die a little less during this last stretch of the semester.


  • Find Motivation


When you are faced with the stress of due dates and exams, try to reflect on why you are here in the first place. Yes, college is hard, but this is your life and you are a student, so you might as well make the best of it. Follow your vision, and put your best effort into these classes even though they may seem pointless right now. You can become motivated by reminding yourself short-term goals, too. For instance, you’ll feel much worse tomorrow when you wish you would’ve taken the time to complete this damn assignment, than today, when you just feel like being lazy instead of doing the assignment. Unfortunately sometimes failing is the best kind of motivation. Fight your urges to stay in bed or to lounge around on the couch doing nothing all day. You are stronger than that, and you must fight for yourself.

Try watching some motivational videos, too!


  • Manage Your Time


Make a schedule! Schedules aren’t just for your classes or job – sometimes a schedule within your home environment is also important. How many times have you gotten so caught up in scrolling through social media? “Oh, I’ll just chill out for 15 minutes and spend some time looking at memes on Facebook.” Four hours later, there you are still, pointlessly scrolling through meme after meme. Schedules can be tricky to get into the habit of keeping, but they can be extremely beneficial to keep you from doinking around on your phone or your game system for the entire day. And when you create a schedule, write it down! It’s easier to keep track of a schedule when it’s in writing.


  • Reward Yourself, But Don’t Binge on Your Habits


Give yourself a break once in a while. When you’re on your grind, it’s important not to get burnt out, so treat yo’ self with some rest. However, when you give yourself these breaks, don’t let them distract you from your grind. Use your rewards to energize you instead of make you lazy. Don’t allow any lazy habits to steal your motivation from you!

  1. Keep a Positive Mindset

Be proud of yourself! You’ve made it through almost all of the semester! Compared to what you have already accomplished this year, these last few weeks are a piece of cake. Be kind to yourself during this time because it is much harder to succeed if you do not believe in yourself. Practice self love all along the way. Don’t hate on or think negatively of yourself because you are stressed out – treat yourself as if you are your own friend, by preaching kindness and patience.”When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” You can do this! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet