Personal Sanctions for Putin Say The Times

Steven Petrov
The Paw Print

Russia’s President is not afraid of the British newspaper “Times”, said Putin’s official spokesman

Russian President’s official spokesman, Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov, has categorized the news that the British tabloid “Times” published last Friday, regarding the potential personal sanctions that the US government is planning to impose to Vladimir Putin by blocking some of his personal assets and bank accounts, as absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic. The British newspaper published that information last Friday and claimed to have received the information regarding these plans of the US government by an anonymous source.
According to their source, USA would want to personally “punish” Vladimir Putin if he sends Russian military troops into Ukraine. The way these sanctions are supposed to take place are through blocking $40 billion of Putin’s personal net worth, which he had primarily accumulated through his involvement with the Russian’s state owned energy giant “Gazprom” as well as from other petroleum and natural gas companies.
These allegations, and threats have absolutely no real implications and are completely absurd, said laconically Peskov on Sunday as a response to a question over the Russian radio “Echo of Moscow.” The Russian interviewer on the radio show then asked if there is something else that Vladimir Putin should be afraid of, in terms of any other more realistic sanctions, but Peskov again overemphasized the unethical nature of the questions at stake and said that Russia’s President can only laugh at any threats like these.
In an interview earlier last week, Putin also stated his opinion on all of the sanctions coming towards Russia from the Western world, saying that Russia is not “a guilty kid” and will not allow to be treated as one.
The political and economical issues that have been in the center of the news since the beginning of 2014, between Russia and Ukraine, are still present and just as promised, The Paw Print’s team is trying to keep you posted on the further development of this conflict.
We will be watching this area closely in the upcoming week and look for more details in the next week’s newspaper. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet