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Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

In local news, Adams State University new observatory has started construction.
The Zachies Planetarium turns 50 this year and is set to receive the long awaited reconstruction.
Thanks to the $3.6 million grant awarded in October 2011 from the Hispanic Serving Institutions, (HIS) STEM program, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the U.S Department of Education, the renewal is now under way.
The planetarium on the east side of campus has undergone some renovations and will remain open; however, it has become insufficient. Due to the intensity of lighting around campus increasing and the trees growing taller, the new observatory will be moved to behind the softball and baseball fields.
ASU are working with Alcon Construction and Alpine Electric to construct the building that will have an outdoor viewing pad and a retracting roof for the telescope room.
In Regional news, April 20th marked the hundredth anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre.
In the fall of 1913, 11,000 coal workers, all varying in nationalities went on strike about a fair, decent wage and the chance of surviving the dangerous job.
The strike that lasted a year took a number of lives, many of which where women and children.
The families and coal workers that lived in canvas tents went on strike and a fatal 10 day war broke out between the coal workers and the state troopers.
The tragic event had a ripple effect on Colorado politics and also affected the American labor movement.
Readings, concerts and other observances have taken place across Colorado. Many of the events support the Ludlow Centennial of Commemoration Commission.
In National news, a year after the Boston marathon bombing the runners take back the finish line.
For the first time since 1983 an American man won the race on Monday. Meb Keflezighi, 38, won the men’s division with an official time of 2:08.37.
Meb was a spectator when the bombs went off at the last marathon. Meb said he took motivation from that and wrote the names of those killed in four corners of his bib.
But of course, for the other 36,000 runners the race wasn’t about the competition, it was about representing those who fell.
At the start of Monday’s marathon the runners stood shoulder to shoulder and the announcer said “take back that finish line.”
In International news, More victims of the South Korean ferry that sunk last week have been found.
The South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, compared the actions of the captain and the crew as “akin to murder.”
The captain, Lee Joon-seok, is already facing a number of serious criminal charges for his part in the sinking that at least 64 people have died and 238 others remain missing.
A coastguard spokesman said divers were focusing on the third and fourth decks where cabins were located.
The captain and two other crew members have been charged with negligence of duty and violation of maritime law.

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