Participating in Special Interests Clubs is Fun

Arvilla Weldon
Rotaract Advisor

Dear Editor,

Last week I submitted an article, but when it was rewritten it did not convey what I meant to say to show the ‘difference’ between joining a campus Special Interest Club and joining a campus Service Club.
Special Interest Clubs are fun to belong to and I encourage students to join them. However, participation in Service Clubs, such as Rotaract, can help students gain preference in applying for scholarships and in seeking employment after graduation.
Service Club membership on your resume shows to an interviewer or potential employer that you have learned the value of giving while attending ASU.
The service club Rotaract, sponsored by Rotary International, invites you to attend our meetings held the first and third Monday of every month from 5 to 6 p.m. in room 228 at the ASU School of Business. Other benefits of joining Rotaract include the professional mentoring and references by Rotarians, the fun of giving, worldwide webbing, scholarships, and leadership training. Please join us.


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