Outstanding Volleyball Victory

Levi Savage Lowe

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On October 20, 2018 the Adams State Girls’ Volleyball team defeated Colorado Western’s team with an outstanding 3 to 0 point game. Throughout the game, both teams fought hard and but at almost every turn Adams State pulled ahead with the score. The score of the first match was an amazing 25 to 8 with Adams State in the lead. The second match ended with a much closer 25 to 22 with Adams State still in the lead. Then the third and final match ended with Adams State finishing off the game with a score of 25 to 19.

This game was an outstanding one to watch with both teams doing their best to win. It can easily be seen that these girls have put in many hours of practice to get as precise as they are now. Each girl has a specialty that they are categorized in. Every day the volleyball team is training for games just like this, where all of their hard work pays off and they get the delight of taking home a win for the college they represent. We must also consider the Colorado Western team and congratulate them for not going down without a fight and doing the best they can. I am sure they look forward to being able to rematch Adams State in the future.

This game was a great breath of fresh air for the Adams team because just the night before, the girls took a loss against Colorado Mesa. The team fought hard in their attempt to defeat Colorado Mesa but in the end, Mesa pulled ahead. I feel that the loss they felt drove these girls to pulling it together and winning their game with Colorado Western. These girls showed that they had what it took to be able to win a matching if they do their best and push themselves to the win.

In the conclusion of the game, as tradition and good sportsmanship, all of the girls high-fived at the net to congratulate one another on the good game. Even though Colorado Western lost this game, they were still willing to show that they acknowledged the Adams State girls played better. Of course, this was just one game of many to come, and we all know that the volleyball team is not done taking victories. I am sure that by their next game, they will have practiced more and fixed some of their flaws that need to be worked on.

These girls truly are fighters and willing to work for what they hope to accomplish. I am sure each girl on that team is doing their best and is enjoying playing the game. One last thing to add is that the audience was a great one. They supported their team with cheer to help boost them a little higher. Next game, I would like to see a rowdy crowd to help support the girls in their efforts to win one more game for the college.


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