Nursing Department Haunted Asylum

Nursing Department Haunted House

As the leaves of the trees begin to shrivel and die, and the air begins to chill, Adams State
University prepares itself for the festivities of Halloween. While most buildings on campus take
part in the more jovial aspects of the holiday, there is but one building on campus which houses
true horror: Richardson Hall. Normally a quite pleasant building, Richardson Hall harbors a
horrifying secret. On All Hallows’ Eve, the inhabitants of the second floor put forth their warped
minds to break the minds of those who dare step foot in the building.
This year on All Hallows’ Eve (Wednesday, October 31) the Nursing Department will be
unlocking the doors to expose its most frightening concoction yet: an insane asylum. The halls of
the Nursing Department erode away to blackness, the inhabitants within distorted by the terror,
and even more promise to make this year’s scares the most haunting yet. The Nursing
Department will be unleashing the terrors for all to witness on the night of Halloween.
Curious to find out what the asylum holds? Well, luckily (or unluckily) for you, you can
experience the fright first hand. For only $5.00 (or $4.00 if you bring a can of food or a winter
coat to donate), our orderlies will lead you through the monstrous remains of the Nursing
Department. Feel free to bring friends and family members along for the experience (you never
know who you might hear scream). Not only does this horrifying asylum offer up unimaginable
terrors, but it also allows you to help your community out!
Your admission fees and food and clothing donations go a long way to helping the
communities of the San Luis Valley and the Adams State Student Nurses’ Association (ASSNA).
The clothing donations go to homeless youths who are in need of warmth during this chilly
season. The canned food donations go toward restocking the ASU Food Pantry which helps to
feed ASU students and their families. The admission fees go toward funding ASSNA trips which
are geared toward providing humanitarian assistance to communities in need. They also go to
covering the cost of pinning for the hard-working nursing students who are responsible for the
creation of this event.
The doors to the asylum are unchained at 18:00 (6:00 pm) on Halloween and will stay that
way until 23:00 (11:00 pm) at which time the horrors will take any soul still left in the building
and drag them into the abyssal nothingness. Don’t wait too long to arrive, however, as admission
into the asylum ends at 22:00 (10:00 pm), and all who arrive after will be fed to the raving
Have a burning question? Call Kristina Cook at (719-587-8171) or send an email bat to
We look forward to offering you the most insane Halloween experience, yet! Come if you
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