Midterm Tests

Levi Savage Lowe

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Throughout the last few weeks, many students have been taking their midterms for all of their classes. This test is a great way for students to be able to determine whether they should withdraw from the class or if they should continue with the class until the end. These tests can also fool students into thinking that they need to leave the class when they really don’t need to leave the class. There is a big problem with testing that is not discussed enough. Some students test horribly under pressure and that pressure can basically cause them to bomb their test.

Midterms are, of course, going to cause students to feel really pressured because this is a test, and it is a test that has an important title. Most of the time, when a test has a title, it means that it is going to be worth quite a lot and if you do not do well on it then it will most likely not pass the class. The stress that these tests provide is horrible and can cause students to overthink all the time during the test.

There are a few things that perhaps the teachers could do to help students not worry so much about these tests. A great idea is to simply take the title of midterm away from the test. Just hearing the title can easily cause a student’s anxiety to go up. This next tip is largely advised by a many teachers: review the content that these tests are going over. This can easily improve the chances of a student passing a test. It helps build their confidence and allows them to refresh their brains of all of the information that they have learned through the semester.

In general, tests need to become less stressful in some way because the stress that they put on students can easily cause a student to bomb their test. This is extremely important especially because of the students who will be reading this are most likely college students, who are actually paying for their classes. If a student fails a class in college because of a test that stressed them out too much then they are unfortunately out a lot of money they could have possibly used for something else. All they get out of a failed class is the feeling of failing and losing money.

Students should practice new study methods that will help them pass their tests, as well as practice stress relief. It’s unfortunate to see any students fail tests and something needs to be done if a student who truly knows the information is failing because they are simply stressing out.


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