Maroon 5’s New Album “Hands All Over” Fires Up the Charts

Toni Ortivez
The Paw Print

Are you ready for some fist pumping good times? For all the music lovers who just can’t wait to hear a beat that will get them out of their seat, Maroon 5 has released a new album. This new set of tunes will leave you wanting even more from the band. If you thought Maroon 5’s previous two studio albums were hot on the charts, wait until you hear the waves that are coming out of your speakers now!
The new album titled Hands All Over was released September 21, 2010 with over forty minutes of music to keep music enthusiasts entertained. The album contains thirteen tracks including the singles “Misery” released in June and “Give A Little More” released in August, both of which have hit the top 100 on the charts.
Hands All Over is the band’s third album, preceded by It Won’t Be Soon Before Long in 2007, which reached number one on the U.S. charts and Songs About Jane in 2002, which landed number six on the U.S. charts. Maroon 5 has released previous singles such as “Harder to Breathe,” “This Is Love,” “Makes Me Wonder,” and “Wake Up Call” all of which gave the band a chance to show music lovers everywhere what they were made of.
The strong vocals of Adam Levine, a heavy bass line, and the enticing guitar will play with your ears, creating a sense of constant motion. The incorporation of the piano on the softer love songs creates an ambiance of musical intoxication. The music transforms what are simply notes on a page into an inspirational sound that motivates the music lover in all of us to get up and bust a move. Maroon 5 has successfully blended pop music with a hint of rock that will get fans of both genres out of their seat.
This album is a breath of fresh air compared to the music that is constantly on the radio. Maroon 5 separates their music by creating a beat that is different than the current radio hits that have no intention other than to make noise. Hands All Over has varying beats that show the band’s evolution from a ready for radio band to a band with their own unique style and sound. The music on the album goes from a heavy dance beat, to a softer amorous beat, back to a dance beat that you can’t help but move to. This album provides listeners with a diversity of music that will keep them entertained.
Overall, Maroon 5 has evolved into a band that is quickly reaching the peak of their success. Their music reaches music lovers from all genres and entrances them. This band’s new album creates a sound that will be playing with your emotions, making them want to be in a permanent state of dance. No matter how hard you try, Maroon 5 will be stuck in your head and will brighten up any day to make it more exciting and full of energy. Hands All Over is a must listen, and even if Maroon 5 wasn’t your cup of tea in the past, the band may well have transformed into a flavorful listen. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet