KeyNote Presentation: Joe Brooks

Feb 25, 2019 KeyNote Presentation

On the date of February 25, there was a Keynote presentation open for all teachers to attend. At this presentation, it was discussed that teachers need to try and help students become who they are truly meant to be rather than trying to mold them into the person the teacher thinks they need to be. Joe Brooks, the presenter of the keynote, was a very enthusiastic man that truly wants to help bring the good out of both students and teachers alike.

Through the presentation, Brooks described many different skills that students would greatly benefit from in their near future. Some key examples from this list of skills include the student the ablility to work in a team, powerful problem-solving skills, communication, organization skills, the ability to take in new information, and the ability to analyze that new information. These examples are just the surface of what skills students are strongly encouraged to learn. In addition, these are also the skills employers are looking for when they are hiring new employees.

One topic that the keynote placed as high importance was the power of stories in conveying information. Stories easily help push people into another world of analysis– they better allow people to think outside of the box. Thinking outside of the box is an extremely powerful skill that can bring out great new ideas that have never been thought of before. Having these ideas can always be helpful in the world that we live in.

Finally, Brooks explained how the world is a scary place–one that is different and unknown to so many students. “Different” is the key word because unfamiliar situations typically ignite fear, especially in students. Students must learn to accept difference and no longer view it as an obstacle between themselves and their future. Instead, teachers need to learn to help students embrace differences. After all, every student and teacher is different.

If one hopes to find out more information on the Keynote speaker, the magazine Community Works Journal is available for K-16.  It talks extensively about the content of the Keynote, along with even more notes that can help one understand more about the subject. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet