Grizzly Persist Program

In an effort to create more resources to help students succeed, Justin Stoeckle created a new program for students who struggled academically in the first semester. The Grizzly Persist Program is an experimental tutoring program that helps students to get involved, manage their time, and more. They achieve this through holding seminars, having students meet with a peer mentor, and writing reflections to help students achieve a better GPA. Because it is an experimental program, only 20 students were admitted to the program this semester. However, if the program takes off, more students will be invited to join.

Students began the program by going to a sort of goal setting/self assessment workshop. They identified weak areas and made commitments that would allow them to meet their goals. After the workshop, students were assigned peer mentors to help them stick to their goals and prevent them from spiraling back down. Students meet with their peer mentors once a week, they commit to attend two seminars from each month. These seminars can be attended by anyone, but are mainly geared for students in the program. The hope is that students will learn to organize their life so that they can succeed in higher education. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet