Intoxicating Nightmares Opens October 28

ALAMOSA (October 17) – Whether pondering a zombie apocalypse or a real-life drama – the Adams State University Theatre Program Production, Intoxicating Nightmares, two one-act plays, will leave the audience contemplating imagined or actual consequences to actions. Directed by senior theatre majors, the shows open at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, in the Adams State Xperimental Theatre and run nighty through November 1. “There will be blood,” Erik Thurston said. “It is a good Halloween show.” He directed They May Live, written by two former Adams State theatre students John Schneider ‘12 and John Hauser. Along with the characters on stage, a film, showing the technical aspects, will play, and at the end the two parts connect.  “I love zombie stories and getting to direct this one has been exciting.” Footage for the film was shot in an isolated campsite in Monte Vista, and alleyway in Alamosa. “We taped camera to actor’s head or chest and yelled ‘action.’”

Shawnie Abbott chose Crossin’ the Line after reading “many articles online and in print of wrecks caused by underage drinking.” After a summer joy ride goes wrong, characters must face the penalties of their actions.

“One character, left with severe brain damage, tries to clarify how the accident occurred, and who was ultimately to blame.” Abbott said directing was “definitely a different element.” She enjoyed the challenge of a space where the audience sits on all four sides of the stage. “Directing in the Xbox (Xperimental Theatre) pushes you as a director.” She had to watch all the corners to avoid blocking action.

She appreciates the “freedom” allowed by the Theatre Department to make “your show your own vision.”

Thurston said he “loved working with his actors” and enjoyed directing. “The theatre professors wanted something experimental – and that is what they got.”

Individual tickets are $8 for general public, $7 for seniors and students, and free to Associated Students and Faculty with current Adams state identification.  To reserve tickets call 719-587-8499. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet