Intimacy Issues Opens in ASU Theatre

Ryan Dufresne
The Paw Print

“Intimacy Issues,” directed by Katie Fuleki and Derek Chacon, put viewers in the mindset of how relationships and heartache can intertwine with real life and virtual life. These shows were student written and directed here at Adams State. They give the true meaning of love and truth, present a whole new aspect to the perception of relationships, and created an atmosphere that had the audience wanting more.

The first play of this two-part series is called “Four Seasons,” and it was written by Jon Schneider and directed by senior theatre major, Katie Fuleki. This show is all about the trials and stipulations of a normal relationship, but with a twist. It follows the changing of seasons, as the title states. The second play is called “Logged-In,” written and directed by senior theatre and creative writing major, Derek Chacon. This show is about the relationships that we face in the cyber world, on and off the internet. Through this play, the audience saw what really happens when you mix the cyber world with the real world. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet