If You Need Cash, Look No Further for Tips and Tricks

Jessica Shawcroft
The Paw Print

We could all use a bit of extra cash, can’t we? Well if you’re like other people, I’m sure you’ve tried craigslist, selling text books, maybe old clothes, or even tried to tutor other students.
It seems like the more you try, the less cash you have! I found some helpful hints to save money and earn some money as well.
Who can’t benefit from this?There are plenty of places willing to purchase old clothes and accessories from you; you just have to know where to look! Facebook has a lot of yard sale type of groups set up to help people buy and sell items they’re no longer using; check it out!
Some stores are also willing to purchase clothes and/or accessories to turn around and sell them for a bit of a profit. If you have items that no longer fit or you don’t like or wear anymore, try and sell them.
A lot of consignment shops may be interested in what you have and if not, you can always turn to online sources. EBay and Amazon are great places to try and sell old items! Another hot item up for grabs right now is smartphones! If you recently upgraded your phone and still have the old one laying around, definitely see if you can sell it! Again, eBay and Amazon are great sources, as well as yard sale groups through Facebook.
Be sure to check out prices online for what other phones like yours are going for, that way you know a price range you should get back.
Also, shop around; see what other types of sites are willing to buy your old phone, you may be able to get a better deal! I suck at arts and crafts, but a great way to make some extra cash is to make items and sell them! Scarves are in right now. If you can knit some scarfs, you’re guaranteed a couple of bucks!
Other options are making bags, jewelry, blankets, and even clothes! Just make sure you think about how much you’re spending to purchase the materials for the item, and then you’re in the clear!
You can also check for odd jobs; craigslist has a lot of odd jobs listed. Post on there that you’re looking for some sort of part time job, or just extra cash. People may need you to drive them around, help babysit their kids, clean up their house, or even organize things for them.
Plenty of little tasks add up to make a busy day! Someone who works full time might not feel up for the job of cleaning their house or making dinner.
Offer a hand and you could make some extra cash! Be sure to be careful about what you search and where you’re going. As long as you’re safe, you should be fine!
I hope these hints helped you think of a new way you could make some extra money and maybe even have some fun!

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