Horoscopes for the Week of November 8th to 14th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

To the untrained eye a Monet and a Mamet are much the same. Not everyone can distinguish a tangerine from a clementine. Or detect silk from satin. This only matters when you enter territory that means the world to you. In that part of the world, minor matters have major significance. There are some things that very few people know or understand. You happen to be in such a select group. You can’t just stand by and watch, this week, while someone fudges over a distinction you see as sacrosanct.
So much to do and so little time to do it in. So much to care about yet so little power to make a difference. So much to conjure up, but so little power left in your magic wand. If any of this rings even partially true, it’s all the more reason to think long and hard about what you are now going to give your time and energy to. Life has a way of stealing our schedule. We set out with a firm intention of going in one direction – but then something happens. Your agenda this week is well worth fighting to preserve and protect.
You can’t just sit idly by and watch someone else struggle with a task that you know something about. You have a right (and a need) to get involved. This situation will respond to the particular skill that you have. Don’t tell yourself that your help is not wanted just because it is not being formally requested this week. Don’t even vaguely offer to be of assistance. Stop short of being aggressive but do step boldly to the center of the situation and say, ‘Move over and make room for me. I can do something useful here.’ For you can.
It is all your fault. If it weren’t for you, well… there is no point in thinking about how things might have been otherwise. They are as they are, and that’s all because you did what you did. Or is it? How responsible do you want to feel? How much do you want to flatter yourself that the universe revolves around you, your choices and your actions? You played your part, but others played their part too. Now, as then, power is shared. You don’t have to take all the credit… or all the blame this week but you can take a brave, wise step.
In some traditions, buildings are never completed and great works of art are left with some crucial piece of brushwork missing from a tiny corner. To bring something to an end is to make a scary statement. There’s a lot to be said for the inconclusive and the unresolved. But most people, it seems, prefer to deal in definites, even if those definites are actually surprisingly uncertain. Don’t push something, or someone, towards a ‘final answer’ this week. The more fluid you can be, the more surprises you’ll encounter.
How much more of your sentence is there left to serve? Can you even remember what it was that you were guilty of in the first place? Who passed that judgment – and didn’t they allow you any time off for good behavior? If you can’t apply for a reprieve, can you dig a tunnel? Or perhaps, you don’t really want to get out. Maybe you enjoy complaining about a situation, more than you think you might actually enjoy escaping from it? This week offers you an exciting option… if you care to take it.
It is always better to be motivated by inspiration than fear. If though, you look hard at your current situation, you can see there’s only one option before you, regardless of whether you consider it your greatest worry or your greatest hope. You can’t tell yet if things are due to improve but you can see that you’d be far better off if you pursue a particular course of action. The only trouble is… you aren’t sure if you believe what you think you can see. Should you trust your deepest, strongest, wisest instinct? Yes!
‘All the world’s a stage.’ So wrote Shakespeare. Perhaps he was right. Still, though, some of us seem to be in the chorus and others are firing off endless soliloquies. What role have you been cast in lately? Who is writing your script, feeding you your cue, directing your performance? To what extent are you playing a passive part? Is there some reason why you can’t stride further forward and influence the outcome of a drama by sheer determination? The pen is in your hand… and where it goes the spotlight will follow.
We grew up in a world that no longer exists. We played with toys that you can’t buy any more. We watched TV shows that they don’t even repeat any more. The politicians whose words mattered so much back then, are now forgotten figures. Our kids operate technology that baffles us. Still, somehow, the fantasy lingers on and we imagine that we are immortal, eternal beings that stand outside time and space. This week brings a reminder of the reality. That, though, turns out to be surprisingly sweet.
Are you secretly psychic? Can you see into the souls of those around you? Can you read their minds and assess their hidden intention? I ask this as if it were a question. But you and I both know the answer. There are, of course, times when you can. And there are times when you can’t. To what extent can you trust your judgment this week? Be wary now, of a vision that seems to be complete and inarguable. It is actually only partial and there are several ways to interpret the information you have.
If people only believe what they want to believe, how come they sometimes end up believing things that are extremely inconvenient? Or upsetting? It may just be that deep down many of us have an appetite for aggravation. Perversely, we are attracted to trouble. So at the first suggestion that there may be some on the horizon, they automatically assume that it must be true. I only mention all this because a fear is beginning to arise. It isn’t based on anything substantial. Wave it away and it will vanish.
We need salt to survive. But too much is bad for us. Most things in life are like that. Few factors, situations and choices are intrinsically wrong. It’s a question of quantity. Now, you’ve got a difficult balancing act to perform. You’re not sure where limits lie. While finding out, you may have to go too far and then backtrack a little. But as long as you don’t make sweeping generalizations or try to cut out something you merely need to cut down on, you’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid to reach for the very best. You may get it.

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