A Few Things You Want to Know About Drinking

Nicole Schafer
The Paw Print

Okay, we all know it: a lot of us like to party. And a lot of our encounters on the weekend outside academics are alcohol related. Drinking can be fun in the moment but it can have devastating effects on our health.
Did you know?:
1,825 students die each year from unintended alcohol related accidents
599,000 students will be seriously injured
150,000 students will experience drinking related health problems
1.2-1.5% of students will attempt suicide while under the influence
54% of binge drinkers experience memory loss
One standard drink is either a 12 ounce beer (5% alcohol), 5 ounce glass of wine (12% alcohol), and a 1.5 ounce shot (40% alcohol)
23% of students consume 68% of all the alcohol on college campuses
30% of reasons for not finishing college are alcohol related
Alcohol as we know it has always been an issue regarding sexual assaults. There is always that gray area if the individual consented or if it actually took place. Well here are some facts you may be unaware of:
400,000 students partake in unprotected sex while under the influence
100,000 students don’t remember giving consent
696,000 students are assaulted by another student who has been drinking
97,000 students are victims of alcohol related sex assaults or rapes
Female college students are more likely to be raped between New Student Orientation and Thanksgiving their freshman year
And for you who don’t understand the gray areas of consent:
S/he should be able to say “Yes” or “No” at any point during sexual activity
Consent to one form of sexual activity is not consent to all forms of sexual activity
You CAN’T make assumptions about consent and ABSENCE of CLEAR SIGNALS means you CANNOT touch them, not that you CAN
No means no, nothing means no, and silence and passivity means NO
Consent can be withdrawn at ANYTIME
People this is extremely important to remember and it is not something to take lightly. Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’Lik Richmond, 16 were both found guilty of sexual assault after a night of drinking and having sex with an intoxicated girl who did not give consent. Their lives were ruined because they were not educated. Now that you are, stay out of trouble and have a good time.
You need to remember:
57% of rapes happen on dates.
More than half of all rape and sexual assault incidents occurred within one mile of the survivor’s home or in their home
73% of all rapes and 90% of rapes on college campuses are committed by someone the victim knows
Rapists look for easy, vulnerable targets.
50–90% of rapes go unreported. Factoring unreported rapes together with the odds of an arrest being made and the chances of getting a felony conviction, only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail. In other words: 15 of 16 rapists walk free.
You need to report any sexual assault. And you need not be ashamed. To be sexually assaulted can change your life forever. It can change your perspective on trust, love, and personal safety. And if you are really concerned about safety, look into ARWEAR. It’s a new clothing line being developed to provide a product that makes women and young girls feel safer when going on a night out, a date, traveling, or any risky situations.
Other things to remember:
A student can have sex, drive a car, and walk across campus in an alcohol induced black out
Adams State is a DRY CAMPUS
Drinking coffee is a more effective way to sober up than taking a cold shower
Taking a brisk walk is a more effective way to sober up than just “sleeping it off”
Males and Athletes are more likely to become high risk drinkers
High risk drinking is considered 4+ drinks in one session for a female and 5+ drinks for a male
Credit to: Adams State Police Department and CollegeStats.org

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