Horoscopes for the Week of March 13th – 19th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

A favorable atmosphere for adventure opens important doors. Influences encourage romantic events and creative opportunities, yet possibilities for study and travel are also included in the mix. Work and health matters seem to progress well with opportunities to find a job that offers more of a challenge. Money matters may need careful handling, though, especially as it’s important to stay in control of your income and spending. Making an effort to know where you stand can help ease anxiety and insecurity.

Don’t let others goad you into overdoing it. You know your capabilities and should respect your limits. While a desire to be of service is admirable, it could be doing you more harm than good if it causes you to overextend yourself. On a positive note, romance, leisure, and pleasure blossom and bring opportunities for social events and dreamy date nights. Your confidence seems high, which is just as well because you’re an attractive option. A weekend Full Moon could heighten feelings that lead to intimacy.

There’s nothing wrong with this week that a little social planning can’t set to rights. Though you may encounter resistance from a friend or even a love interest, discussion could enhance the chance of a creative solution. Later, misgivings can give way to a lighthearted and joyous tone. A Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday may heighten feelings of perfectionism. Try to see the best in yourself and others without too many expectations. Friendly sparkles can make this a fun time for all.

No matter how hard you try, it may seem impossible to get a fix on things this week. Your best bet might be to dream and plan rather than try to accomplish too much at once. Most of all, a focus on the element of water suggests you should avoid wasting time on regrets. However, if you have something important on your agenda, zoning out won’t help, so you’ll need to get organized. Connecting with enthusiastic others can help make success a lot easier.

This can be an excellent week for work and job progress – and finances, too! Pursue deals confidently, though you’ll need to look over the details, as will those with whom you’re doing business. An honest and down-to-earth approach can achieve much. Later, artistic and musical influences and social instincts may be strong. If a friend comes along with a brilliant idea, consider going along with it. Although there is a chatty energy around, romantic options may disappoint.

The week improves as it progresses. Somewhere in the middle of it all a friendly gesture or delightful opportunity could boost your enthusiasm. At times, career indications aren’t the best, as key people may not be on the same wavelength. However, much can still be achieved if you have patience and willingness to compromise. The Full Moon in Virgo can spotlight intense communications over the weekend, which could help a new romance to blossom. Try to avoid tantrums and tears in more established relationships.

It seems that an old issue won’t go away, so you might need to give it time. However, a friend may come to the rescue with a fresh perspective that could reassure you. Despite this, there’s a sociable spark showing up that can enhance both business and romance. The willingness to connect with new people could add a supportive new pal to your network. Later, a Full Moon could bring on the urge to shop. It might be time to splurge on a few small luxuries.

This very sociable and people-oriented week could have several highlights. You might be better off working as part of a team rather than alone, as pooling resources and talents will get you further faster. However, don’t let someone’s stubborn opinion affect you. If they’re unwilling to compromise, let go and move on. You might hear good money news, perhaps about a bonus or commission. Try not to overreact at the time of the Full Moon, when patience may be needed!

You may have more energy for your various plans, but discrimination can help you make even better use of your time. Try to avoid getting roped into other people’s projects because you can’t say no. On the plus side, there are plenty of interactions and positive networking opportunities that can be a source of information and potential new openings. Romance is a hot topic, too, with an experimental approach showing up. This is your chance to see what kind of relationship setup suits you best.

Try to get a handle on boredom and restlessness. If you allow them to distract you, you could spend the upcoming week fretting over what you’ve left undone. However, it might be worth setting aside time for activities that have a slight risk factor. You need adventure and opportunities that challenge your abilities, whether these are physical or intellectual. You’re also very open to fun, leisure, and romantic delights. Remember, however, that all that glistens may not be gold.

It might help to practice self-reliance this week, as you may not be able to count on anyone but yourself. Family, friends, and a partner could be marching to the beat of their own drums and find obligations too onerous. Yet an unexpected invitation may be forthcoming to brighten your outlook and let you know who your pals really are. Where finances are concerned, you might find it easier to get a loan or extra credit. Even better – consider putting extra cash aside for a rainy day!

A dynamic transit dares you to take a chance. Assertive, decisive action can bring desired results in the financial and career arena. You may be experimenting with ideas and techniques to find out what works best, although too much pussyfooting around could delay your plans. A Full Moon in Virgo and your travel and adventure sector might inspire you to book a short break or even a vacation. If this is what you need, go for it!

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