Games of the Week Review by Doodads

Online: Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker is a surprisingly addictive game, much like Flappy Bird. The gameplay is simple and there is no end that I am aware of.
Basically you are baking cookies by clicking the giant chocolate chip cookie on the left of the screen. When you bake enough cookies you unlock new items, ranging from cursers and grandmas to crazy toys like antimatter condensers and prisms. There are also power-ups available for all of them that increase production. Did I mention you buy everything with the cookies you bake?
After purchasing the first cookie factory the game can pretty much take care of itself. As long as the window is up, cookie clicker will continue baking cookies for you and the tab always updates the numbers. It is a great game to play while working on homework and requires very little supervision.
The best part, in my opinion, is that you can export your save file to a folder on your desktop and import when you want to continue so no progress is lost. This is a wonderful game for a full time college student so check it out and see what you think.
App: Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing is an app for android that is available at the Google Play Store and Amazon’s App Store. It is completely free.
Choose from 18 different vehicles including a monster truck, tour bus, Dragster, and even a hovercraft. Then race through any of the 18 environments built to challenge your skills. There are two pedals, gas and brake, that you have to use to balance your ride while driving. The object of the game is to get as far as possible while picking up coins and gas along the way. Losing is either a result of flipping the car and breaking the driver’s neck or running out of gas.
There is no explicit content and it has awesome music. The graphics are a decent cartoon style that most people would enjoy and the game gradually gets harder with every stage. Coins are used to buy the new stages, new vehicles, and to upgrade your current ride. Keep in mind that if you do get far enough, it can become a rage game with immensely steep hills and very low ceilings.
This app is definitely worth a look. It is also very satisfying to reach a new level. (There is in-app purchasing!)
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