Horoscopes for the Week of February 20th-26th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

If you’re an inventive type, your thinking could be inspired, and you could feel blessed by the creative muse. Even though Mercury continues to rewind in your sign, this could highlight alternative viewpoints while sparking some brilliant ideas. Yet someone may not get the true uniqueness of one of your suggestions. It might take some persuading before this person is willing to listen. Where finances are concerned, read the fine print before shelling out your hard-earned cash for a big-ticket item.

As the Sun glides into your sign this week, you may get an energy and confidence boost that encourages you to express any ideas you’ve been hatching. Artistic and creative qualities could be very much in evidence, especially later in the week when a vivid dream could be worth your attention. It might highlight clues to resolving a problem or bring you inspiration that you can use in a practical way. Along with this, romantic opportunities may beckon.

You could be quite sensitive to other people’s moods and vibes this week, particularly as the Sun moves into Pisces, so try not to take offense where none is intended. You might also be inclined to sacrifice time and energy to help someone if it’s appropriate. On another note, someone may be holding out rather stubbornly for their point of view. If you want to make headway, put yourself in his or her shoes. It might enable you to consider a compromise.

Some chores may be screaming for attention this week – before you kick back and relax with a special someone. Fortunately, your social life begins to brighten once the Sun glides into Pisces. However, you might need to take someone’s words with a grain of salt. The forces of confusion could be causing mixed messages and misunderstandings. There’s also a chance someone will go to some lengths to mislead you. However, a date night with your sweetheart could be especially delightful.

Get ready to shine as the Sun enters your zone of career and goals. Use this opportunity to showcase your skills, especially if it could lead to a better job or an exciting offer. However, don’t forget that Mercury is still in its retrograde phase, so take it easy when signing important documents. Facing a tricky situation? A change of perspective might help you navigate through any difficulties and make good because of it. It’s likely you’ll find the silver lining to that dark cloud after all.

Why not go ahead with that decorating project you’ve been contemplating? The continued presence of Mars in your domestic and family sector could be making you aware of those areas of your home that need a little improvement. If you feel like trying some DIY projects, it might be time to get started. However, you may also embrace the option of travel or even study once the Sun enters Pisces. The opportunity to expand your knowledge – particularly self-knowledge – could be quite enticing.

It may help to know your limitations this week. Try not to take on more than you can handle. Part of this comes down to Mercury’s retrograde, which can cause holdups just when things seem to be going really well. But it could also be due to taking on too much and refusing to delegate. With Jupiter, your leisure and pleasure planet, in your spiritual sector, the cosmos may be hinting that you should take a back seat for a while, or at least ask those important folks in your life for some help.

Although red tape could slow down certain matters, the week can still end on a note of achievement. However, this and the fact that Mercury continues to move backward could cause you to grit your teeth. There’s also a chance that delays could work in your favor. You may become more sensitive to other people’s feelings once Pisces glides into your relationship sector. Regarding a key person in your life, this could be quite a revelation, especially if he or she has always been something of a mystery!

As the Sun eases out of your romance sector it leaves Mercury in reverse. You may find that the past has more influence than the present on your love life this week. It’s possible that an old flame will come back into your life. Yet an edgy link suggests this may be the last person you want to see. You might need to let him or her know how you feel in order to avoid future awkwardness and embarrassment. Later, a focus on your wellness zone highlights the benefits of relaxed exercise.

Someone’s ability to bypass emotion may not sit well with your love of intensity and passion. Yet an edgy link suggests that you could develop a rapport that strengthens over time if you can compromise. Romantic opportunities filled with dreams and fantasies could be yours this week. If you feel your heart melting, it might be hard to resist that moment of surrender. However, check that this person doesn’t have a hidden agenda. If all is clear, you may be in luck!

If you concentrate, you can come up with some excellent moneymaking ideas. As Venus forges ahead in your personal financial sector, the coast is clear for you to cash in on any brilliant plans you have in the pipeline. As usual, rebellious Uranus in your creative sector might be urging you to take a risk. If this is the case, carefully consider the pros and cons. While it’s great to move outside your comfort zone, you don’t want to jeopardize your security.

Work gains could be likely, especially if you make your views known at a networking event or group meeting. The effort to mingle with key people may help you fulfill an important goal sooner rather than later. Where finances are concerned, deceptive trends suggest you will need to handle certain transactions with care, especially if shopping online. However, there may be bargains to be had if you know where to look. Later, a romantic date could be sensational.

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