Horoscopes for the Week of April 10th-16th

Madam Shawcroft
The Paw Print

You may be like the wise executive mystic who uses spiritual understanding and universal truths as guidelines for making the best business decisions. If you have an important interview to attend, you might feel like reflecting for a few minutes beforehand to get your bearings. The same goes for big business meetings. Confused thinking is something to avoid at a time when you can make forward strides. When it comes to communication, try to tone down your approach. Opt for relaxed rather than intense.

There seems to be a lot going on in your sign and your life. You may be spoiled for choice as ideas swim like beautiful fish through your mind – which will you choose? It helps to focus on one thing and put all your efforts into making it happen. While Venus in your sign makes you an attractive option, Mercury in Aries could temporarily steal your peace of mind unless you take time to relax and reflect. It may prompt a flood of creative and inspirational thoughts.

While tension may have been building for some time, you may notice them ratcheting up still further. Once Mercury moves into Aries you’ll be eager to hunt for a solution. A desire to find relief could encourage you to seek information or make an impulsive move. Keep others in the loop, however, to keep relationships on an even keel. Perhaps, deep down, you know what you should do. Your intuitive impulses are strong, so paying attention could help put you on the right track.

As one who is very tuned in to the natural rhythms of life, it’s possible you’ve been feeling out of sync lately. This may come down to inner stirrings encouraging a change of heart, direction, or perspective. If you feel stuck in certain areas of your life, it might be time to take action and listen to your heart. Your mindset and inner talk can have a profound effect on your circumstances, as revealed by Mercury’s move into Aries. Romance could be a high point this week, too!

Friends may be more than pleasant folks to hang with – they seem to double as confidants, life coaches, and motivators. Though you may want to ignore their suggestions, deep down you know they’re right. Perhaps they can see qualities and attributes of greatness within you that you can’t. This isn’t the time to argue – consider the possibility that they might be right. It’s time to amp up your confidence and share your skills and abilities with the world. It’s time to make a difference!

If your wheels are spinning due to feelings of pressure and uncertainty as to what to do about it, take a deep breath. You might feel pulled in several directions at once, leaving you wondering where to focus your attention. This week career, life purpose, and goals could take center stage. A clear look at the options in front of you may be all you need to make a choice, which could leave you feeling relieved and happier as a result.

A desire to move out of your comfort zone might include a change in beliefs. Think about the adventures you long to have and consider what might be holding you back. Thoughts based on past experiences may be obstacles unless you determine to move beyond them. A desire for something more may be encouraging you to consider travel plans, study, or a general willingness to move out of your comfort zone. Where love is concerned, you might draw closer to someone you care about.

Your love life may grow in warmth, caring, and compassion as Venus embraces Neptune. You’ll find it easier to intuit what your sweetheart wants and needs to feel happy. You’ll also be more inclined to sense your partner’s moods, so beware! Long-term relationships may benefit from discussing finances, especially consolidating debt or getting your savings or investments to work harder. Quick thinking and decisive action may be the key here. Friends can play a supportive role in keeping you feeling upbeat and positive.

You might have to be patient with others as Mercury’s move into Aries could encourage heated conversations. You may also find that a chance to clear the air is a solution in itself. By way of a respite, the focus on your health and wellness sector suggests pampering – perhaps a spa treatment. The chance to kick back, feed your soul, and nurture your body could do you good. In your career, have the confidence to make a bold move.

Your options for romance seem to be getting better by the day as Venus moves deeper into Pisces. The right conversations along with the right actions may help you win over your latest love interest. But don’t appear too eager – a subtle approach might be just what’s needed. When it comes to health and wellness, you may be in the mood to splurge. A new piece of exercise equipment could become your latest toy.

Enjoy the opportunity to do some work around the home or garden. If you feel like cleaning or removing clutter, either activity could bring satisfaction and possibly increase your energy level. Be careful if you’re doing projects, however, especially if you’re working with plumbing or electricity. If you aren’t an expert, it might be a good idea to find one. Where friends are concerned, you might be better off listening to your instincts rather than taking another’s words of wisdom to heart.

If you’re feeling anxious about home and family matters, make a point of latching onto positive thoughts. It might help you feel better about yourself in the week ahead. Try not to indulge in worst-case scenarios. Work toward a solution instead. One reason why things might not be resolved could be because your ideas aren’t radical enough. Your health seems to be fairly good, but if you’ve suffered a spell of overindulgence, this is a good time to get into exercise mode.

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