8 responses to “Harry Potter Books Charged with Supporting Witchcraft”

  1. I am from Georgia and taught in the same county where this woman is making this complaint…. Back when she first spouted this nonsense, she hadn’t even read the books; how she thinks she can make any kind of valid argument escapes me. The books are about good v evil, love, sacrifice & honor, friendship, family & bonds that cannot be broken, even by death. Maybe my memory of Sunday school is a bit fuzzy, but isn’t that what’s taught in the Bible? Is Harry Potter a rule-breaker? Yes he is, but wasn’t Jesus a bit of a rebel who had to break some rules in order to preach? Through everything, Harry was loyal to his friends, defended people (like Neville) who were afraid to stand up for themselves, put himself into harm’s way to protect the ones he loved.

  2. What Mallory says about the books is not true. I really like Harry Potter and there are atleast another 250 million people that have the same feeling like me.So Mallory is just trying to prevent Kids from reading a great series of books that has changed peoples lives.

  3. A good parent should be able to teach their child the difference between fantasy and reality. People assume children are stupid and unable to differentiate between the two. If your child is old enough to read then they are old enough to understand magic isn’t real. If not; then that can only be blamed on bad parenting, not the books.

  4. This book has not taught me anything about violence or anything, its actually made me a better person. As for promoting witchcraft, most fairy tales have parts relating to magic, that doesn’t mean you take it off bookshelves. I would never have picked up a single book in my entire life if i had not read Harry Potter. The series really opened me up into the whole world of literature, and gave me a hobby, something to do in my free time. Instead of spending all my time on the computer or watching TV, I started reading more.

  5. I would rather my children read Harry Potter and learn about how to be brave than Twilight, and take an abusive relationship.

    Furthermore, I am a Wiccan. And I have been for five years. BEFORE I READ HARRY POTTER.

  6. If kids spent MORE time reading engaging books like Harry Potter and getting more interested in educational endeavors then there probably wouldn’t be as many shootings. If kids had a moral character similar to that of Harry, Ron, or Hermione, then they would put more effort into their studies. This woman is insane. Also, where is her proof that they harm children? Also, Shakespeare contains fart jokes, hows that for crude language, madam?

  7. Possibly if Mallory actually bothered to read the books, she would see that they spread good, not evil. Harry Potter has changed so many people’s lives for the better that any argument of hers to the contrary is simply invalid.

  8. If anything is promoting evil, its this woman. She’s spreading hate for something innocent. I’ve loved Harry Potter since I was little and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. The deaths in the books do not scar young children, they help teach them that death is natural and not to be afraid of it. This woman is a real life Voldemort, trying to ruin the childhood of children by spreading her nonsense. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Harry Potter.

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